Wednesday, April 28, 2004

So, I was interested in SUGAR IN THE RAW's latest blog and thought I'd take a quiz to find out where I fall politically. In quizzes where Independent is not a choice, I fall to Democrats. In quizzes where it IS a choice, I fall with the Independents. I have joined the Democratic party because right now other parties like the Green Party don't have enough voice to really change things. But I consider myself an Independent.

Try this quiz:

This is how the quiz described me:

Your stance on the issues makes you more of an independent, meaning you side with different parties depending on the issues. There are numerous political parties in the U.S., including the environmentalist Green Party, the laissez-faire Libertarian Party and Ross Perot's Reform Party, all of which have had candidates make strong showings in elections and even win office-- but they tend to appeal to a much smaller segment of the electorate.

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