Monday, April 26, 2004

So, I think I may have to kill my co-worker. She always tries my patience because she is SO SLOW and doesn't seem to know how to do anything. She constantly has to ask about library policy and how to do things even though she has been at the library six months longer than I have! And she gets completely bogged down with one customer so her co-worker at the desk has to handle EVERYONE else! If we didn't work together, I'd probably like her a lot but as a co-worker she is driving me crazy! I tried to help her out with a customer today because she was fumbling around in her usual confused haze and then she yelled at me in front of the customer! She has been allowed to teach an ESL class in addition to her normal duties (which she can barely handle) and she turns the hour class into a two-hour fiasco every Wednesday night. Leaving me to take up the slack. And I am sick of it. If I complain, I will just be written off as short-tempered Amy complaining again. I am going to do everything I can to avoid her. Wednesdays nights we are along together, though. This could get really ugly. Wish I had another job lined up.

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