Thursday, June 10, 2004

I'm facing a sad reality. It's one things for your friends to get married and start having babies. That's great. It's nice to see your friends growing up and settling down. But the problem comes when you can't seem to achieve that and you are the last woman standing. So to speak. Your friends have given up former pursuits like going out to bars and going dancing. And staying up late. Because they have settled down and gotten married. But when you are the only single gal left, you have to give up those things too. Because you can't really do them alone and no one is left to do them with you. I really miss those times of going out and being crazy. And it is really hard to meet anyone when you don't go out because my friends don't really know any single men either. So, I am almost forced into being a homebody now. And I like that most of the time. But lately, it's getting kinda lonely.

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