Tuesday, June 15, 2004

We have a new fundraiser this year in the Junior League. The Kitchen Tour. Basically, you pay a fee and get a ticket which gets you entry into five different homes with fabulous showcase kitchens. Amy and I bought the special ticket that included brunch. We started out at the Welshire Inn for the brunch where we got goodie bags of freebies and a copy of Colorado Homes and Lifestyles magazine which featured the kitchen tour. Then, you could drive to the homes in any order. Each home had either the architect or designer on hand to talk about special innovations etc. Some houses had special coffee, cake or cookie vendors with samples. And different florists did the flowers in each house. It was fun to see how the other half lives. The best house was a historical house that used to be the HQ of Outward Bound. This cute gay couple bought it and renovated it. It was gorgeous! Hard to believe all 10,000 sq ft was for one couple and their son! I told Amy we needed to become friends with that couple because I bet they throw fabulous parties.

I love my house but it would be nice to be in a detached building. I'd love to have a yard or large patio where I could entertain. And have a dog. But I don't think I could maintain that all by myself.

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