Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Whew! What a week! It is weeks like this one that make me wonder if I can last in my job much longer.

We had only 4 out of 20 computers up on Monday, no internet and no air conditioning. When it hit 95 inside our building, they finally shut us down. But we had already been working for 5 hours so we stunk and were drenched with sweat. Not to mention exhausted. I went to the doctor that day because my wrist is causing me a lot of pain. They decided it wasn't fractured but may be a pulled ligament/tendon which is just as painful. It makes it hard to do my job with this silly brace on.

Monday night, I went out with Chuck (not to be confused with my friend Chucky) to hear a band play. The bands were good but the crowd was young. Really young. It made me feel like we were as old as the hills. The date went pretty well. I'll keep you posted as things develop. Hopefully.

The other bummer about my job is the nagging about our Summer Reading Program. The greed of our customers is staggering. All they want to know is what the kids get. I want to say, "the knowledge that reading is its own reward" but I can't say that. They have all been outraged that we are not giving out Six Flags tickets this year. Hey, ever heard of reading for fun? People make me sick sometimes.

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