Tuesday, June 22, 2004

So, I've been reading both of Janice Dickinson's autobiographies. She's an interesting woman. So arrogant and condescending that you want to hate her. But so confident you are kind of impressed by her too. She insists on being herself and I respect that.

Anyway, in NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY, her friend Alexandra King makes an interesting and amusing observation about men.

"It's like this, see: A man meets a girl and thinks, 'Wow, she is hot and mysterious and exotic and a little dangerous. I am WAY turned on by this bitch.' So they jump into bed and start hanging out and before you know it she's less hot and less exotic and not much of a mystery at all. In fact, she's become completely domesticated. And he looks at her and wonders 'what am I doing with this crashing bore?'"

I think that is how it goes for a lot of us. And that's why long-term relationships can be so tough. Maybe.

My friend Sara sent me this great quote that goes with my blog yesterday:

"Okay, conservatives have changed my mind. Allowing gay marriage, I have been persuaded, will destroy the family, weaken Western civilization, turn America into Sodom and Gomorrah, increase the trade deficit with Japan, endanger the family farm and promote tooth decay. The impeccable logic of conservative opponents is simply too powerful to deny."
--Stephen Chapman, Chicago Tribune columnist

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